These amendments are to keep full Race chassis cars out of the Street Slammer Category. SEE GRANDFATHERED NOTE

*Full factory floor boards in factory location from the front of the original rear seat location to factory firewall in factory location. Back half and tubbed cars with Ladder Bars, 4 link etc allowed. Subframe connectors allowed.

*Stock front main frame rail required with the exception of vehicles where the front frame clip is designed to unbolt FROM firewall, example early Chevrolet Novas. Must bolt to factory mounting.

•Camaros, later Novas,etc must retain factory front frame clip. Must bolt to factory mounting.

•Any type suspension allowed

•Roll bar (minimum) with Door Bars required

I only know of one car with chassis modifications beyond what is listed above and it is so streetable most people don’t even realize it and it will be Grandfathered in. If this affects any other Eagle Field competitors please contact me about being “Grandfathered”��

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